A crow and squirrel interlude

For the past eight years, we’ve been entertained by abundant ground squirrels looking for food as we camped on the bluff overlooking South Carlsbad State BeachCalifornia ground squirrels live in burrows that they excavate and spend most of their time within 82 feet of their burrow.

DSC_0022 Ocean, bluff & squirrels

DSC_0046 Squirrel & burrow entrance

Ground squirrels forage close to their burrows, usually on plants and seeds,* but in this setting, they aggressively beg or search for food from campers.

DSC_0011 Squirrel looking for food

We keep our dog food storage box secure with a bungee cord.  The South Carlsbad State Beach brochure states, “SQUIRRELS/WILDLIFE: Do not feed them to avoid disease, overpopulation and property damage.”

Squirrels themselves can become prey to other animals such as hawks, ravens and crows, so they have learned to be vigilant.  The one below has a favorite lookout post on the windblown bushes (Melaleuca nesophila) that provided privacy for our campsite.  Larry saw a crow fly off with a small squirrel* held in its beak.

DSC_0035 Vigilant CA ground squirrel

This season we saw fewer young squirrels and more crows and this phenomenon seems to be related and was captured by my camera as I took photos of birds soaring by, such as pelicans, seagulls, and crows.

DSC_0295 Crow flyby along bluff

An American crow* glided by and noticed a squirrel just outside its burrow.  This crow abruptly changed course and and turned toward the squirrel on the bluff.

DSC_0284 Crow spots squirrel & burrow

DSC_0294 Crow turns abruptly

The crow dive-bombed the squirrel below.

DSC_0298 Crow dives

DSC_0290 Crow approaches prey

But each time the crow approached, the squirrel quickly withdrew into its burrow.

DSC_0289 Squirrel withdraws into burrow

This flight dance repeated several times until they both realized that it was a standoff.

DSC_0293 Crow and squirrel standoff

So the crow flew off  and continued its search for food.

DSC_0299 Crow flys off

All was calm at sunset on the bluff and I suspect that the squirrel was cozy and sleeping well in its burrow, and perhaps dreaming about the day’s excitement as a slow gypsy dance.*

DSC_0171 Peaceful bluff at sunset

*This is a YouTube video.



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